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Monique Heuberger, Yoga Studio Zurich

Monique Heuberger

Hatha Flow | Vinyasa Flow

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Bunt wie die Welt

Growing up in 5 different countries and traveling off the beaten track allowed me to be curious and view things through a bigger lens: with less judgement but consciously and with great appreciation for our differences which make us unique. At the end of the day, every living thing and being is connected and part of the larger cosmic World. This widely opened my worldview and gave me a deeper understanding of the bigger picture.


Feeling unrooted at times and after suffering an impactful trauma, my therapist convinced me to give yoga a second chance, and just like that a whole new World opened up to me. The deep work that happens in yoga is pure bliss and ever since, my thirst for yoga is unquenchable.


Yoga doesn’t just happen on the mat. Asanas and Pranayama are powerful gateways to get us into an open and honest perspective. However, yoga also happens off the mat: inside us, around us, and in every minute we chose to experience consciously.


My Hatha and Vinyasa Flows are playful and curated intuitively with compassion, reflection, gratitude, a lot of giggles and ease - fused by music from many genres and corners of the World. I am here to help my students transform into their newest version of themselves, where they can be and live their own truth fully.

I teach in English, can however also teach in Swiss-German and German.


2018-2019: 200hrs Das Yogahaus Zürich

2020-2021: 200hrs The Yoga Training Zurich

2021-2022: 300hrs Das Yogahaus Dubs Zürich

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