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Ashtanga Weekend
Ashtanga Weekend

Fr., 03. Mai



Ashtanga Weekend

Zeit & Ort

03. Mai 2024, 17:00 – 05. Mai 2024, 17:00

Zürich, Zwinglistrasse 8, 8004 Zürich, Schweiz

Über die Veranstaltung

Come and join us for a full weekend of Ashtanga Yoga with Bianca Oliveira - Authorised Level ll at Yoga Studio Zürich. 

This is the first time of Bianca in town and she is really excited to share what she learns directly from her Guru Sharath Jois. The program is open for all levels, however being familiar with the practice will be beneficial to join the Mysore or Led classes. 

Dates: May 03rd - 05th 2024

Program:  Time to be confirmed 

✨Friday (03/05/24) 17:00-18:30✨ ✨Mysore Style Class✨ Mysore Style is the traditional way to learn the Ashanga Yoga sequences. It's a group class with private instructions which allow each student to practice accordingly with their level to ensure a life-long sustainable practice. open for all levels, however being familiar with the practice will be beneficial to join the Mysore class. 

✨Saturday (04/05/24)✨ ✨Morning Mysore Class 08:00-10:00 ✨Afternoon Workshop: 11:00-13:00 ✨Hips&Twists✨ Openness in the hips and knees are a big part of the practice of yoga asana. Through the hips we have straight access to our spine and our nervous system. Join this workshop to learn how to safely open the hips and knees to access your entire spine in deep twists. Deep twisting increases energy levels, cleanses the body and opens the mind to new levels of awareness. Join me in a sweaty flow that will both warm up your body from the inside out and prepare to go deeper physically, mentally and even spiritually. Stimulate the inner fire and let the twists remove toxins and impurities while leaving you with a calm and balanced mind. 

✨Sunday (05/05/24)✨ ✨Primary Series Led Class (08:00-10:00) This is a guided class through the entire primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. Bianca counts the traditional Vinyasa in Sanskrit. Led class reinforces the proper Vinyasa system you learn in the Mysore class – when to inhale and when to exhale as you enter in and out of each Asana. Following the teacher’s pace and count in led class instills discipline and helps build both mental and physical strength of students ✨Afternoon Workshop✨ Core and Inversions” Strengthen and stabilize the core of the body to turn upside down to try different headstand variations. Together we will learn, explore and deepen our knowledge and integration of bandhas or internal locks and core strength following by techniques to change your world upside down. You will have practical tools to turn upside down with stability, tranquillity and grace. Be ready for a 5 minutes headstand. Pranayama and relaxation included. (2 h) 

Price for the whole program:  CHF 200 or 215 € Drop ins Mysore or Led: CHF 47 or 50€ Drop ins Workshops: CHF 75 or 80 €


About Bianca: Bianca is an Authorized Level II teacher by the Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois. It's the traditional authorization to teach the full Primary and Intermediate sequences. She took her first yoga class at the age of 18 when she still lived in Brazil and felt a deep connection to the practice within body and soul. In 2009 she moved to USA to work as a performer for RBBB Circus and few years later the seed that was planted years ago sprouted and she sincerely felt the calling to dedicate herself to the practice of Yoga. She finished her first YTT in Boone,NC. She was teaching in North Carolina since 2013. She started traveling to Mysore, India in 2015 and since then has been dedicating her life entirely to the practice and studies of Ashtanga Yoga. Over the years, Bianca has taught in many different places including USA, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, India, Ukraine, Norway, Germany, Peru, Portugal, Spain and more. She is also a mother and truly understand how family duties and practice affects one another. How discipline, commitment, devotion and dedication are the base of the practice and also the non attachments for results. Believing she is an eternal student of yoga, her joy is to share all the benefits this practice can bring to people's lives, both on and off the mat. Bianca is currently teaching an online Mysore program and also traveling the world for workshops and retreats.

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